Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move
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Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

When you are faced with an upcoming move, you might be worried about how your kids will handle the transition. We were worried about it when we moved, and with good reason. Our kids didn't transition well because we weren't prepared. However, a friend of ours helped us to know how to handle the moving and storage process the next time around, and it really improved things. This blog is all about moving and storage to improve your life and make things easier. With the tips contained in these articles, you might be able to reduce your anxiety and organize your things.


Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

Using A Local Moving Company To Move In State? A Few Things To Look For

ایلیا سلطانی نژاد

If you are moving your household within a few hours' drive, you may decide to use a small, local moving company instead of one of the big companies with locations in most major cities. In most cases, the smaller company will not cost as much as one of the big, franchised companies. However, before you sign any contracts, or have them start working, there are a few things you need to check to ensure the move goes well.

Licensed and Insured

One of the most important things to check is that the company is licensed as a moving company and that they have insurance. You do not want to have some of your belongings damaged and have to pay for them to be fixed or replaced yourself. If the company has a license, but not as a moving company, even if they have insurance it is not going to cover any loss for your move. In addition, if they do not have enough, or any insurance, even if they have a business license, there will be no way for you to be compensated for the damage. Ask to see the documents that prove they have the ability to pay for any accidental damage caused by the workers to be sure you are not out any more money than necessary.

Experience with Your Special Items

Moving boxes and regular furniture does not take a lot of experience. However, if you have a piano, works of art, or other items that need to be packed and handled in a special manner, you need to know that the people working on your move understand this and know how to get them to your new home safely. When talking with the company's representative to set up the work, be sure to mention the special items you have. Ask him or her if they know how to pack and move them and to be sure to have these people on your moving crew.

How much work you want the moving company to do is entirely up to you. While it will cost you more to have them do the packing, it can save you time if you let them do it. Of course, you can pack some of the more personal items and take them in your car or truck and leave the rest to the moving crew. Talk with the representative about the different options and how much they will cost. The idea is to get your possessions moved to your new home in the same condition they left your old home. How much you are willing to spend to have this done will determine how much work you have to do yourself. 

Speak with local in state moving companies to learn more.