Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move
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Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

When you are faced with an upcoming move, you might be worried about how your kids will handle the transition. We were worried about it when we moved, and with good reason. Our kids didn't transition well because we weren't prepared. However, a friend of ours helped us to know how to handle the moving and storage process the next time around, and it really improved things. This blog is all about moving and storage to improve your life and make things easier. With the tips contained in these articles, you might be able to reduce your anxiety and organize your things.


Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

Four Strategies For Preventing Back Injuries When Moving Furniture

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It's always a good idea to hire a crew of professionals in advance of your move. In addition to making the job go quicker, these strong workers can also take care of moving the heaviest items in your home, including appliances and furniture. In some cases, however, you might also find yourself moving furniture with a family member — perhaps to make the move go quicker or because you have a surplus of large items that need to be loaded into the truck. While you want to take care to avoid damaging the furniture, you must also be vigilant about preventing injuries to yourself. Here are four strategies that you can use to avoid getting hurt.

Bend Your Legs

While it's true that the reminder to lift with the help of your legs instead of your back can be often-repeated advice on moving day, the reality is that many people forget this simple rule and end up straining their backs. You can focus on lifting with the correct form by bending your legs — perhaps even in an exaggerated fashion. When you bend at the knees, you're reminding yourself that you're using your legs to do the heavy lifting, which can require you to use the correct lifting form.

Wear Grippy Gloves

It's worthwhile to invest in a pair of gloves that have grippy palms and fingers; those made out of rubber are often ideal. These gloves will allow you to hold heavy furniture more securely, which will prevent it from slipping — and you from twisting your body to catch it, possibly straining your back. Gloves of this nature are especially helpful if you're moving on a hot day and your hands are sweaty, given that the sweat can prevent you from securing a proper grip on some pieces of furniture.

Use A Spotter

Although everyone will be busy on moving day, it's ideal to recruit a spotter when you're lifting heavy pieces of furniture. Given that you or your lifting partner will be walking backward, you should position your spotter behind the person walking in this manner. The spotter can them provide verbal clues about corners, stairs and potential tripping hazards.

Use Back-Friendly Alternatives

Whenever possible, look for alternatives to lifting heavy pieces of furniture to lessen the risk of damage to your back. A hand cart is a helpful tool for things such as tall bookshelves, while even slipping a heavy blanket or a piece of cardboard under a furniture item and dragging it across the floor as much as possible can be effective.

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