Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move
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Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

When you are faced with an upcoming move, you might be worried about how your kids will handle the transition. We were worried about it when we moved, and with good reason. Our kids didn't transition well because we weren't prepared. However, a friend of ours helped us to know how to handle the moving and storage process the next time around, and it really improved things. This blog is all about moving and storage to improve your life and make things easier. With the tips contained in these articles, you might be able to reduce your anxiety and organize your things.


Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

Yearly Storage Plan And Organization Checklist

ایلیا سلطانی نژاد

If you have a personal storage unit that has been gathering dust, you might be feeling guilty about your lack of attention when it comes to your stored items. If you can put into place a yearly storage unit checklist to keep this space active, you will be able to use your storage unit more effectively. Here are four things you should schedule throughout the year to keep your storage unit functional and effective.

1. Schedule a Weekend Review

The first step when it comes to assessing your personal storage unit is to stop by and give this a hard look so you know what you are up against. Bring a friend or family member that can help with decisions and heavy lifting. Try your best to look through your unit and mark items that you want to get rid of or bring back into your home.

2. Label and Date Boxes

Once you have a good idea of the items that are in your storage space, it is a good idea to clearly identify smaller items. Be sure to box up housewares with similar items so things will be easier to find later on. Simple labels like kitchen items and holidays can work, but if you can get more detailed with specific items this will make it easier to unearth items down the line. Date when these were packed up. If boxes go a year without being accessed, it is a good idea to open this up and see if you really need those items in your life.

3. Out with the Old, in With the New

If you are planning on storing a new item, try your best to get rid of another. This might be more extensive if this involves furnishings and sporting equipment. Work out trips to donation centers and the dump with your trips to storage. You can bring new items, pick items on their way out, and then get rid of these during the same trip.

4. Schedule Pick ups and Drop Offs for Seasonal Items

Your storage unit won't be doing everything it can for you if holiday boxes and winter sports equipment never make it back to their space in storage. Keep spaces available in your unit for these boxes and equipment. Get dates on the calendar after the holidays or sporting seasons to get these back in their safe storage space to ensure that items won't get damaged.  

Being diligent when it comes to keeping your personal storage unit a functional, usable space is important. Get time on your calendar in order to keep this an active space. You will have a better handle over clutter and can get rid of things you don't need throughout the year. Visit for more information.