Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move
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Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

When you are faced with an upcoming move, you might be worried about how your kids will handle the transition. We were worried about it when we moved, and with good reason. Our kids didn't transition well because we weren't prepared. However, a friend of ours helped us to know how to handle the moving and storage process the next time around, and it really improved things. This blog is all about moving and storage to improve your life and make things easier. With the tips contained in these articles, you might be able to reduce your anxiety and organize your things.


Keeping Your Kids Happy During Your Move

How To Get Through A Long Distance Move Successfully With Kids

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Long distance moves can be hard to coordinate on their own, but if you have kids, this can add an extra layer of stress and planning. It is important to make sure that your kids are safe, informed, and ready for a move both logistically and emotionally. Here are four tips when it comes to planning a successful long distance move with kids.

1. Involve Kids in the Process

It isn't a good idea to keep kids in the dark about an upcoming long distance move. Depending on the ages of your children, moving can cause anxiety and worry about what a new home and town will entail. Show kids pictures and videos of their new home if they cannot visit physically before your move. Talk with kids about topics such as visiting old friends and getting ready for new schools and activities.

2. Keep Kids Safe During the Actual Move

Moving across the country will entail quite a bit of packing up and coordinating with long distance movers. If it might be too much to have kids around during move day, have kids stay with family while you pack up with movers and even unpack on the other end. You will need to give your full attention to the logistics of your move. Watching kids can add a layer of stress you don't need on move day.

3. Packing for a Move and a Road Trip

Moving across the country will involve packing up your kids for a trip as well. While most of their belongings will go with long distance movers, be sure to pack with kids to make sure their travel bags for the car trip are ready to go. This should include items for their immediate needs such as a change of clothes, toiletries, and things to keep your child entertained. Road trips should be planned out with snacks, games and stops along the way as well.

4. Scope out Medical Contacts in Your New Location

If you are moving across the country, this can be very different than across town when it comes to your child's health. While you may have vetted school districts and daycare options, finding family dentists and pediatricians should also be a priority. Ask your current health care providers for any recommendations, or ask around your child's new school or your new church upon arrival.

There are so many things to think about when planning a move cross-country. This can be even harder if this involves kids. Try to make sure that your kids feel involved in the process and make sure their needs are met while packing, moving, and traveling. If you can make the move process seamless, unpacking and settling in will be that much easier.

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